The Space Cube with symbols showing the circulation of the Universe

~ Space-Cube ~

The space cube as a drawing!

Inserted in the space cube are the following symbols:

12 angles
– 12 zodiac signs
– 12 months
– 12 simple
– 7 doubles
– 3 mothers ((space – axes))
– All 4 directions
– All 4 times of the day
– The 22 Hebrew alphabet
– 10 Sephiroth


Cube of Space with Symbols of the Univerese

The Old Testament states:

Gene 13,9-14,8

14 The Eternal said to Awram, after Lot had parted with him: „Lift up your eyes and look around, from the place where you are, towards midnight, towards noon, toward morning, and toward evening.“

In my research I recognize in Awram a concentration of Kether, or the right formation of Yakin. But what does it mean what God means to Awram with the 4 times of the day?

It is made aware of the 24-hour day, the mystic is here among other things to recognize that the day has 24 hours, as many hours, as the cube has 24 edge points. The day has a negative maximum point at 00 o’clock and a positive maximum point at 12 o’clock.

So means:

_ _ _
-> Around midnight = 00 o’clock
-> Towards morning = 6 o’clock
-> Around noon = 12 o’clock
-> Towards evening = 18 clock

So we can also integrate in parallel the 4 directions:

– Around midnight = north ((00 o’clock))
– Towards morning = east ((6 o’clock))
– Around noon = south ((12 o’clock))
– Towards evening = west ((18 o’clock))

While the 3 mothers manifest the being of the foundation in the foundation of creation, and the 7 doubles work on the creation structure, the 12 simple ones are the regulators of the world Yetzirah and Assjah. Thus with Eve the one of the formation is created and with the fall the integration into the world Assjah is created.
Another clue is the dialogue between God, Eve, and the serpent.
The story of Abraham or Awram revolves just like the Noah spot and the Tower of Babel in the world of Assjah in connection with Yetzirah (= morphogenetic field, Akashic record, ether).

If you sum up the 4 times of the day, this adds up to 60!


And if we take this sum x 24 we get out a sacred number!


The 1440 is a master number and gives in the checksum the 9, the highest number of one-row.

So the 1440 is related to Abraham and results in summing up the times of the day and directions.

Around midnight = north 00 o’clock
Towards morning = east 6 o’clock
Around noon = south 12 o’clock
Towards evening = west 18 o’clock


The sacred number 1440 ((9))

The 9 is also the center of the space cube. Eight (8) corners + the center = 9.

The highest unknown GOD !


Time 7.03.2018 in the Education in the Years of 2012-2017

bibliography bei Jupiter

source disclosures:

  • Giovanni Grippo – Sepher Yetzirah

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